Automatic Raindrop Wiper System Using 555 Timer

In today’s world, automatic system features are widely available in luxury cars. The Automatic Raindrop Wiper System is one of them to wipe out the raindrop from the car windshield. That’s why we have seen automatic wiper systems in most cars where the windshield wiper consequently gets actuated when there is raindrops or if there is some water on the windshield.

Therefore, an automatic raindrop wiper system is an essential system that is attached to a standard luxury car to wipe the water on the windshield during rainfall. Generally, this system is manually operating and we have to turn it ON to start their operation.

Henceforth, today we are going to build an automatic raindrop wiper system using just two ICs 555 Timer IC and LM358 op-amp. This circuit consequently senses the raindrop through the sensor and automatically activates the wiper system to clear the windscreen.

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Automatic Raindrop Wiper System Using 555 Timer

Circuit Diagram

Automatic Raindrop Wiper System Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  • 555 Timer IC
  • LM358 Op-Amp IC
  • L293D Motor Driver IC
  • Rain Sensor
  • BC557 Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • LED (Red, Green)
  • Resistor (1K, 10K, 2.2M)
  • DC Motor (Demonstration)
  • Capacitor (0.01uF, 0.47uF)
  • Breadboard
  • Connection Wire
  • 9V Battery

Working Principle of Raindrop Wiper System

The working principle of this automatic raindrop wiper system project is so basic. Basically, this whole circuit has four sections that are an astable multivibrator, comparator, motor driver, and rain sensor.

When a raindrop falls on the rain sensor, it will trigger the BC557 transistor. Subsequently, the PNP transistor turns ON the power supply to distribute it to the entire circuit and therefore the circuit begins until there is any water on the rain sensor.

Moreover, when the output of the 555 Timer IC goes HIGH, the op-amp IC LM358 gives a LOW output and if the 555 Timer goes LOW, then the op-amp goes HIGH. By using these two outputs together, DC motors start rotating in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions rapidly. Thus, the wiper attached to the circuit turns right to the left and left to the right, through the motor driver L293D. That’s how the rain sensor automatically senses the raindrop and gets activated. Two LEDs are additionally used here for indication.

Application of Raindrop Wiper System

  • Used in an automatic car wiping system.
  • Can be used in the home window cleaning system.

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